How to save electricity

General information:
When buying an appliance, look at the electricity consumption indications of the appliance, and choose the one of the lowest consumption, today marked with a letter that indicates its level of energy efficiency (the “A” are the most efficient).
Try to avoid electricity for heating or to heat water, because mainly due to the losses that occur in its generation and transmission, this is inefficient from the point of view of the good use of the primary energies used to generate electricity. This does not mean that, in the short term, the use of electricity for these purposes could not be convenient in terms of costs. Prefer the use of renewable energy, and ensure adequate insulation to keep the heat in your home for longer.
Check for leaks in your home. To do this, disconnect all appliances and verify that the power meter disc is not turning. In case of loss, contact an authorized installer to solve the problem.
If you stop using your computer for a moment, turn off the monitor, because on average the consumption of these is equivalent to that of an incandescent bulb.

Is it hard for you to save? This challenge will make you finish 2017 with more than $ 500 thousand in your pocket

It starts a new year and if in 2016 saving was difficult for you, this technique will help you to change that.

MarĂ­a Pilar Amela Gasulla, creator of the site Ahorradoras – a website dedicated to giving advice to organize personal finances, published a book that compiles a series of tricks and habits that will help to save and reach the goal that you propose.

Among these tricks is the so-called “52-week challenge,” a popular saving method in the United States that promises effective results if you want to save.